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Find fishing tackle, bait rigs, lures and plugs, fishing rods, gear, and more on this site.

Terminal Tackle and other accessories

MUSTAD Circle Hooks – The most popular circle hooks made by Mustad. They are model 39960D. Sizes range from 12/0 through 15/0. These hooks are available in packages of 10 or 25.

Mustad 12/0 Circle Hook – 10 pack M1210 $3.75 -
Mustad 13/0 Circle Hook – 10 pack M1310 $4.00
Mustad 14/0 Circle Hook – 10 pack M1410 $4.50
Mustad 15/0 Circle Hook – 10 pack M1510 $5.00
Mustad 12/0 Circle Hook – 25 pack M1225 $9.00
Mustad 13/0 Circle Hook – 25 pack M1325 $10.00
Mustad 14/0 Circle Hook – 25 pack M1425 $11.25
Mustad 15/0 Circle Hook – 25 pack M1525 $12.50


Gamakatsu In-Line Circle Hooks (Blood Red) – Hook sizes are 3/0, 5/0 and 7/0. These hooks come in a pack of six.

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Gamakatsu 4X Octopus Circle Hooks - Hook size is 8/0. These hooks come in a pack of six.

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MUSTAD Bait Holder Hooks – Traditional “J” hooks in bait holder style. Hook sizes are 6/0 and 7/0. They come in packages of 10 and 25.

Mustad Baitholder Hook, size 6/0, 10 pack MBH610 $2.00
Mustad Baitholder Hook, size 7/0, 10 pack MBH710 $2.25
Mustad Baitholder Hook, size 6/0, 25 pack MBH625 $5.00
Mustad Baitholder Hook, size 7/0, 25 pack MBH725 $5.50


Gamakatsu BIG RIVER Hooks – Gamakatsu Big River hook is a truly large hook. Used by fishermen that consistently target and catch the large stripers. This hook is great for large chunks and heads. It comes in two sizes, 10/0 and 12/0. Available in packages of 3.

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SPRO Power Swivels – Genuine SPRO Power Swivels. Swivels available are size 2, 230# test; size 4, 130# test and size 6, 80# test. Swivels are packaged in quantities of 10 or 50.

SPRO Power Swivel, size 2,
10 pack SPS210 $2.40
SPRO Power Swivel, size 4,
10 pack SPS410 $2.00
SPRO Power Swivel, size 6,
10 pack SPS610 $2.00
SPRO Power Swivel, size 2,
50 pack SPS250 $10.75
SPRO Power Swivel, size 4,
50 pack SPS450 $9.00
SPRO Power Swivel, size 6,
50 pack SPS650 $9.00


ROD TIP LIGHTS – The perfect tool for night fishing. Don’t miss that fish. See that strike. These are new on the market. Not only do they illuminate the rod tip so you can see the hit, but they also send a beam of light down the rod toward the butt end. They come in two colors, RED or BLUE, your choice. Packaged one (1) to a pack.
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FISH FINDER SINKER SLIDES – Backlash Sportfishing brings another new product to the market. The “Bluie” sinker slide. The material of construction makes this slider almost indestructible to the effect of mono and braid. It will not be cut. It won’t bend or distort. It’s a sturdy slide that can be used over and over. They are available in packages of three (3) or ten (10). See the comparison below of a regular plastic slide and the new “Bluie”.
Sinker Slides - "Braid Proof Bluies" - 3 pack SS3 $2.10
Sinker Slides - "Braid Proof Bluies" -10 pack SS10 $6.50


“ONE MORE CAST” - XL Fast Clips, Fast Clips and Spin Clips – New and improved! OMC clips make changing lures and rigs fast and easy. They have a turned up arm for ease of use in the dark, by feel, or in the cold, when your fingers are numb. They’re made of stainless steel and come in three sizes; XL Fast Clips – 150#, Fast Clips - 80# and Spin Clips - 60#. The clips are packaged in lots of 10 or 25. Bulk quantities, >100 pieces, are available (call for pricing).

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