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Sufix Superior
Sufix Superior was chosen the #1 line by "The Professionals Sport Fishing Magazine" for 130 lb. class line. It has one of the highest tensile strength ratings of any line, outstanding durability, resists abrasion and has a controlled stretch that assures a balance of fast recovery and excellent hook setting power. The features of this line make it an excellent choice as a shock leader for the surf fisherman. With Sufix Superior as a shock leader combined with Sufix Tritanium Plus as the running line, the surf fisherman can’t find a better line-leader combination anywhere.

Sufix Superior Fishing Line
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Sufix Performance Braid
Sufix Performance Braid is a remarkable new braid that has taken the Striper Coast by storm. This revolutionary braid has been tested and proven under the most severe conditions that the Martha’s Vineyard Striper Derby and the Red Drum Tournament in Cape Hatteras can dish out. The new Sufix Performance Braid has emerged as one of the strongest, toughest, best performing fishing lines ever offered on the Striper Coast. Sufix Performance Braid has a tough, durable finish that withstands abrasion that damages most other lines. This ultra-thin diameter line leaves the spool smooth and straight for long accurate casts. Sufix Performance Braid’s unique braiding process makes it extremely spinning reel friendly. This soft supple line delivers what most spin fishermen have been missing – the small diameter, superior strength and durability of braid on spinning tackle. Sufix Performance Braid has virtually no stretch so all your energy is transmitted to the hook set. This line is quickly becoming a favorite of surfcasters throughout the coast from Maine to North Carolina. Whether plug casting Montauk or bait fishing the Jersey Shore, Sufix Performance Braid meets and exceeds the needs of ALL hard core surf anglers.

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Backlash Sportfishing buys direct from SUFIX. If there is a type of line, test of line or spool size that is made by SUFIX that you do not see here, contact us at: We can do special orders. Let us know your requirements.

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